As of June 2023, 198 Tesla cars had caught fire, according to data we gathered from the Tesla-Fire website.

Data Last Checked: June 26, 2023

In recent days, there have been several Tesla car fires that have made the news. However, it is important to note that Tesla vehicles are less likely to catch fire than other cars. In fact, electric-powered vehicles were involved in fewer fires than gasoline-powered vehicles. So,

Despite this, it is still important to understand how and why Tesla car fires occur. There are several possible causes of Tesla car fires, such as faulty wiring, electrical shorts, and battery malfunctions.

Let’s go over the Tesla car fire statistics to understand the potential risks of owning a Tesla vehicle.

How Many Teslas Have Caught Fire 2022

In the year 2022, approximately 57 Tesla vehicles caught fire, a 96.55% increase from the previous year’s total of 29 cases. 

Notable Tesla Car Fire Statistics

  • As of June 2023, 198 Tesla cars had caught fire.
  • As of November 2022, there have been 57 Tesla cars have caught fire.
  • Tesla vehicles have had a fire rate of one for every 175 million miles traveled compared to the U.S. average a vehicle fire for every 19 million miles traveled.
  • Over the 9 years, an estimated of 143-tesla cars caught fire (Tesla fire incidents that received news coverage).
  • There have been 7 reported incidents of Teslas catching fire while charging.

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Tesla Car Fires Per Year

So, how many Tesla Car Fires Per Year?

There are an estimated 15.88 Tesla cars that catch fire per year. This is significantly less than the average number of car fires per year, which is around 182,000.

Tesla Car Fires Per Year

The reason Tesla fires are so heavily covered in the news is that they are electric cars and are thus seen as a major advancement in automobile technology. So any time there’s even a small issue with one of these cars, it makes headlines.

In reality, Tesla cars are extremely safe and have an excellent safety record. The odds of being in a car accident are much higher than the odds of experiencing a problem with a Tesla car.

Tesla Catches Fire While Charging

There have been 7 reported incidents of Teslas catching fire while charging. Here are some details about each incident by date and location.

Incidents DateIncidents Location

Do Teslas Catch On Fire More Than Other Cars

No, Teslas do not catch on fire more than other cars. In fact, they may be less likely to catch on fire.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has conducted child safety tests on Tesla vehicles and found that they are far less likely to catch on fire than gas-powered vehicles. NHTSA tested fires that started during crash scenarios and found that electric cars are much less likely to start a fire than gas-powered cars.

What makes Tesla catch fire?

Although both electric and gas cars contain lead-acid batteries that can catch fire after being submerged in salt water, the risk of reignition is much smaller in these cases. This is according to Vilas Pol, a professor of chemical engineering at Purdue University.

When was the last time a Tesla caught on fire?

A Tesla caught on fire on November 11th, 2022. This is the most recent fire that has been reported. the cause of fire was due the driver hit a wall and caught fire. The location was in the state of California.

There have been several fires in Teslas over the years, but none have resulted in any injuries or fatalities. The company has worked hard to make its cars as safe as possible, and they have a good safety record. However, any time there is a car fire, it’s cause for concern and Tesla will work to determine the root cause so that they can take corrective action if needed.

What is Tesla’s main problem?

Tesla’s main problem is that the company has been facing several safety and quality issues with its vehicles. These have included reports of sudden unintended acceleration, brake failures, and “whomp wheels” – collapsing wheels due to faulty car suspension.

Compounding these safety and quality problems have been the poor wait times of Tesla’s customer service. As a result, Tesla’s reputation has been damaged, and its sales have suffered.

In order to turn things around, Tesla needs to address these safety and quality issues as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the company risks further damage to its brand and a continued decline in sales.

How long do Tesla batteries last?

Tesla batteries have been shown to last anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 miles. That’s quite a long lifespan for a battery!

This will vary depending on how often the car is driven and how hard the battery is worked. But it’s nice to know that Tesla batteries are built to last.

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