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Cash for Junk Cars Tampa (✔)

⚐ Junk dealer • 9+ years in business

⭐ 8.3/10

Reputation:      ⭐ 4.39/5 (406)

Google                        4.40 / 5 (405)
Yelp                                1.00 / 5 (1)

Professionalism:                ⭐ 4.02

Responsiveness                        4.10
Reliability                                        4.05
Communication                          3.90

⚐ 916 W M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Tampa, FL 33603
☏ +1 813-300-6100

🚚 Free towing when you take our cash offer.
🚗 They buy cars, trucks, boats, and RVs.
💵 Get cash instantly, no waiting.
⚡ Fast and reliable service.
🌊 They cover all of Tampa Bay.

Cash for Junk Cars Tampa
Tampa Junk Car Deal


  • Quick and easy transactions, often completed within minutes.
  • Reasonable offers made for junk cars.
  • Polite and helpful service, even assisting with paperwork and cleaning.
  • Willing to pick up vehicles from various locations, including after business hours.


  • Some customers experienced poor communication and unresponsiveness.
  • Rudeness reported by some sellers during interactions.
  • Lack of assistance with minor issues, such as removing license plates, which led to problems for some customers.

“Great guy! I’m so glad I called him. quick, honest and down to earth, and you can trust he will be 100% truthful, needless to say he’s added as a permanent contact from here on!” – alejandro aponte (05/2022)

“Fantastic work! Showed up with nothing but professionalism. They seem to know exactly how to handle things. I couldn’t thank them enough. HIGHLY recommend this company! Call them and see for yourself!!” – Rocky Enos (05/2019)

Sell My Hoopty (✔)

⚐ Salvage yard • 14+ years in business

⭐ 9.0/10

Reputation:      ⭐ 4.20 /5 (34)

Google                         4.2 / 5 (34)

Professionalism:                ⭐ 4.62

Responsiveness                        4.58
Reliability                                        4.67
Communication                          4.61

⚐ 1709 E Yukon St, Tampa, FL 33604
☏ +1 813-699-2278

💵 Get a free quote and instant cash for your junk car.
⏱️ Fast pickup within 30 minutes after accepting the offer.
🔧 They take cars in any condition, even if they’re wrecked.
🏠 Family-run business, local to Tampa and nearby areas.
👨‍🔧 Our experienced team gets you the best deal for your junk ride.

Sell My Hoopty
Sell Your Junk Car Tampa


  • Customers appreciate the prompt response and reliability, with many noting no missed appointments or calls.
  • The company provides fair and competitive cash offers for junk cars, often higher than other companies.
  • They offer convenient services, including picking up cars from the customer’s location.
  • Reviews frequently mention polite and professional interactions with staff, making the process smooth and hassle-free.


  • Some customers noted difficulty in finding specific parts or services at times.
  • Occasional long wait times for the tow truck to arrive were mentioned by a few reviewers.

“I’d definitely recommend this business to others. They gave great customer service, answered all our questions, helped us out with our situation, and offered a good price for the car. I’m really glad I found them.” – Karen White (05/2019)

“Awesome company, run by the owner. Whenever I call, I know John or Hurl will handle everything as promised. Great service, great value – I highly recommend them!” – jacob denemark (06/2000)

Tampa Cash 4 Junk Cars (✔)

⚐ Junk dealer • 4+ years in business

⭐ 8.2/10

Reputation:      ⭐ 4.80 / 5 (41)

Google                         4.80 / 5 (41)

Professionalism:                ⭐ 4.81

Responsiveness                        4.85
Reliability                                        4.80
Communication                          4.78

⚐ 8725 Del Rey Ct Apt 14F, Tampa, FL 33617
☏ +1 813-753-4035

Tampa Cash 4 Junk Cars


  • Customers consistently praise the smooth and straightforward process of selling their junk cars.
  • Ray, the contact person, is noted for his professionalism, honesty, and pleasant demeanor.
  • Quick response times and same-day pickups are frequently mentioned in positive reviews.
  • Many customers feel they received a fair price for their vehicles, sometimes more than expected.


  • One review mentioned a lack of enthusiasm and a seemingly annoyed tone during phone communication.
  • Some complications can arise if the vehicle’s title is not readily available.

“Good business & cash in hand! Fast response and very professional definitely recommend” – Ther.ealist O (06/2020)

“They came same day within an hour of when I called, paid me $400 cash and picked up my SUV, amazing service!” – John Adams (06/2024)


⚐ Junkyard • 7+ years in business

⭐ 9.5/10

Reputation:      ⭐ 5.0 / 5 (23)

Google                         5.0 / 5 (23)

Professionalism:                ⭐ 5.00

Responsiveness                        5.00
Reliability                                        5.00
Communication                          5.00

⚐ 3120 S 50th St, Tampa, FL 33619
☏ +1 813-928-1537

Junk Car Removal Tampa


  • Many customers appreciated the quick pickup time, often within 20-30 minutes of calling.
  • Multiple reviews highlighted the competitive prices offered for junk cars.
  • The staff is described as professional, friendly, and respectful.
  • Instant cash payment upon vehicle pickup was a frequently noted benefit.


  • No significant negative feedback was found, but the reviews lacked details on potential drawbacks such as service coverage area or operational hours.

“Great, professional, friendly & fast service. I truly recommend this business if you or someone you know is trying to junk their car for top $$$. Called and 20mins later he was at my front door cash in hand .” – Jarrel Livingston (02/2024)

“Great service ! very professional friendly. Extremely fast service. Picked up my truck in less than 25 minutes from when I called. Would 100% recommend” – Cris Jimenez (02/2024)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get cash for junk cars without title in Tampa?

Yes, you can get cash for junk cars without title or even no keys. However, you must provide proof of ownership, such as an expired registration or an insurance copy. For those without registration, the title suffices. And for your information, no paperwork is required because most salvage car buyers will handle it for you in Tampa.

Can I get $500 cash for junk cars without title in Tampa?

Yes, you can get $500 or more, even $1000 or more for your junk cars in Tampa, but it depends on your car’s condition and other factors.

Who gives the most cash for junk cars in Tampa, and how do I sell one?

To get the most cash for your junk car in Tampa, compare offers from buyers like Peddle, Wheely, Carbrain, Cash for Junk Cars Tampa, Sell My Hoopty, Tampa Cash 4 Junk Cars, and WE BUY JUNK CARS. To sell your junk car, contact multiple online and local buyers, request offers, and sell to the highest bidder.

You can sell a car in any condition, but the following are common: totaled, broken, non running, damaged, without engine, blown engine, transmission, flooded, bruned, and much more. Some terms apply.